Hey there, sailor! Name's Eric. Prince Eric. But please refrain from calling me by my title. I am happily living with my wife Ariel,my daughter Melody, and our newborn son Hayden. After the whole 'Morgana' issue, we are free to explore the depths of the sea to our hearts content. I'll see you on the deck!

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Jolly Sailor Prince

Once Upon A Time / The Little Mermaid.


Once Upon A Time / The Little Mermaid.

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when u see a stranger so hot you sell ur voice to a sea witch for legs


 Prince Eric is way more then just a good looking guy (even though he is a very good looking guy).

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He should have known how bad an idea it was to try to teleport in his current state. His magic still too deplenished to anything more than a glamour, specially after having barded the apartament that same morning.

But a doombot had crashed through the wall of the club, followerd by a familiar red and gold armor and his boisterous oaf of a brother.

He was in the middle of the stage, visible from all angles, in full stripper outfit but not enough make up on to fool the asgardian. There wasn’t another option. He teleported away.

Of course the god didn’t reach his apartament, his mind too overexherted to even see on what realm he was anymore. there was only the familiar feeling of falling and falling…

And then the world exploded. When the god opened his mouth to breathe, it wasn’t the scent of tea of living room what received him, but a wave of salty water that filled his eyes and lungs. 

He couldn’t see anything, only water all around him. The god struggled to concentrate, to teleport himself out of this wretched place, but his head was too muzzled because of the failed spell.

The last thing he saw was a dark shape over the water.



        “Nothin but smooth sailin’, ay lads?” Eric merrily bellowed as he peered into his miniature telescope. A chorus of hearty shouts sounded from every corner on the ship. The vast waves tumbled to and fro, spraying an abundance of mist into the salty sea air. Not only was Eric finally returning home from his cousin’s residence, but he also had the glorious chance to sail home on such an impeccable day.

         ”Hm.” he hummed, slowly twisting his head left and right. “I thought the castle would be in sight by now.” he whispered to himself. He lowered the telescope and surveyed the spacious ocean. He shrugged his shoulders, figuring that the palace will eventually appear if the vessel continues forward.

         ”MAN OVERBOARD!” hollered the sailor from the crow’s nest. Eric’s eyes instantly darted above and followed the direction the man was pointing. The sailor prince bolted to the left hand side of the ship. His fingers clutched the edge as he leaned over. Chaos erupted on deck. Orders were hastily barked and the pounding of feet could be heard from a mile away. Eric remained calm, scanning the salt water’s surface for anyone bobbing or floating.

           ”There!” Eric cried, fixing his gaze on the man who sunk lower and lower. Acting on impulse, he hoisted himself onto the ledge and dived into the deep abyss.

            The salt water blurred his vision, but he managed to spot a figure a little ways away. Without a second thought, he stroked over to the drifting man. Looping his arm around the stranger’s waist, Eric pulled the both of them to the surface. 

            Eric exhaled heavily as soon as the two breached the surface. He peeked at the unconscious man and noted that he was barely breathing. The sailor prince inwardly sighed with relief when he caught sight of his ship. But he didn’t repress a groan from how far away it was. It was doable, but maintaining the willpower to keep this man above water might become difficult. He shrugged away the apprehensions and started to stroke towards the ship. If Ariel could do it, then so could he.


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